Employee Benefit News Webinar

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

The Reclaim team was invited to speak at the webinar: From Passive User to Engaged Consumer -- How to get employees to love their benefits all year, along with Rae Shanahan and Kent Rausch from Businessolver. The webinar was hosted by Employee Benefit News and sponsored by Businessolver, a benefit administration company helping employees enroll in their healthcare benefits.

We have always believed that we, as in all of us as users of healthcare services, do not view ourselves as consumers. Open enrollment is not really a shopping experience. Our plans are becoming ever so confusing and it is not easy to understand how the multitude of plan options available to us would affect our pocketbooks.

Communicating healthcare benefits should not be an effort just once a year at open enrollment. It should be yearlong, personalized to each of us around our exact needs, and delivered to us at the time we need it the most.

Stay tuned for a follow up webinar on October 25!

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