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RECLAIM is an app that simplifies your health claims, keeps your costs in check, and saves you money on care.
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To sign up, fill up a short form that you can access here. Just a few questions away from entering our beta journey. 



On May 15th, we will send you an email with detailed instructions to download the app and start exploring.



You will interact with the team to report bugs and feedback directly from within the app. Slick and simple!



With every rollout and feedback you give, you will receive points towards a token of appreciation from our team. 

Got questions?

How can I get in touch with the team to learn more about the beta?

The best way to reach the team before the beta release is through the pop up chat on the website (see icon on the bottom right corner of the page). A team member will make sure to respond as soon as possible.

How do I sign up for the beta testing?

We are excited that you will be joining our beta! The beta signup process consists of just few steps: 1. Click Sign Up. This will take you to a brief form 2. Fill out the form, including your name and the best email to reach you at. 3. On May 15th, you will receive a welcome email with instructions to download the app from the app store. 4. Start exploring the app!

How can I contact you if I run into issues with the app?

We have set up a messaging functionality from within the app itself. Look for the floating pop up chat icon. When you press on it you can send us a message, report a bug, attach a screenshot or a video of the screen(s) where you are witnessing issues.

What happens after I report a bug?

As soon as you report a bug, we will give you an estimate of the time needed to push a fix your way. We will notify you as soon as we resolve the issue to ensure all is working well on your end.

I am interested; however, I have not received any healthcare bills this year...

The app would still be useful! In addition to linking your healthcare bills and claims, the app has features that help you better plan for the future: 1. Connect your health savings account, monitor your constributions and your balance on the account. 2. Estimate the cost of care for a service around your area. 3. Identify whether the current health plan you have selected is ideal, or whether it would be best to switch to a more cost-effective plan for next year.

Can I invite a colleague to join the beta?

Of course! Please feel free to direct them to our website and the sign-up form. Once the beta starts, you can simply have them download the app and they can join anytime.

What about my data privacy and security?

We take security of your data very seriously and we have ensured that our system is HIPAA compliant. Your personal information, healthcare claims and transactions are encrypted and reside on separate servers, each with different identification tokens that do not communicate. You are the only authority that can identify your healthcare claims and transactions through the app, and therefore see all your data linked to your account.

What information do you need from me to link my claims data?

To link your claims data, you will need to provide the following information: 1. Your date of birth, 2. The last four digits of your social, 3. The 2018 health insurance plan you are on, and 4. The employer through which you received your 2018 coverage.

Can I also see my children's data?

You can see your children's data when you link your claims, if your children are 12 years or younger. We intend to release a feature that would allow older family members to grant permissions to other members to see their data, but this will be rolled out at a later stage.



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