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We partner with your insurance agent to offer you (and your loved ones) enrollment tips, everyday bill advice, voluntary plan suggestions, and medicare tips when the time comes. Just fill-in the form below to receive an email with instructions on downloading the Reclaim app.

It starts with the right health plan

We notify you of any incoming bill and give you a clear financial picture of the cost to you.

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Take the surprise out of your bill

Unexpected bill after a doctor’s appointment?  No problem. Reclaim can guide you through appealing the charge--and help you make more cost-effective care decisions for the future.

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Don’t leave perks on the table

We can help you get the most out of your employer health plan like virtual doctor visits and free medical supplies.

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We prepared the information you will need to fill in your claim reimbursement form.  

Get your plan working for you

We’ll keep an eye on your incoming bills and notify you when  it’s time for you to claim for a reimbursement and help you offset your cost.

And best of all? Reclaim is yours to keep, no matter where life takes you!

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Manage Bills

Template - Understanding Your Medical Bill Copy

It can be stressful to be on the receiving end of a medical bill--not just because it means you owe money but because the bill itself often seems to require a professional translator!

Manage Bills

Template - What To Do with a Surprise Medical Bill Copy

Facing an unexpected medical bill? For the average patient, large medical bills can cause a lot of stress and serious damage to your personal finances.

Plan for Care

Template - 5 Times to Skip the ER and Head to Urgent Care Copy

When you or someone you care for is quite sick or experiencing a serious health issue, it’s natural to want to rush to the emergency room to get immediate care.